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The Precipitation of Silicide Particles in Heat-Resistant

20171224 · For example, we observed only allocation silicide S 2 in the alloy Ti-6Al-5Zr-0.5Mo-0.25Si after quenching in water from 1373 K and aging/tempering in the

: Artemiy Popov, M. A. Zhilyakova, O. Elkina, K. I. Lugovaya

Age-hardening behavior of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-5Zr-0.

199331 · The important feature in these alloys is the addition of a small amount of silicon to enhance creep resistance at elevated temperatures up to about 873 K. The


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2022112 · ②:B= (péng),Sn= (xī),Zr= (gào),Nd= (nǚ),Pd= (bǎ),Ru= (liǎo),Nb= (ní)。 ③ELI = Extra Low Interstitial grades=


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Titanium IMI 685 (Ti-6Al-5Zr-0.5Mo-0.25Si) Categories: Metal; Nonferrous Metal; Titanium Alloy; Alpha/Near Alpha Titanium Alloy. Material Notes: Heat treatment: Beta heat