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Au-Ag-Cu nano-alloys: tailoring of permittivity | Scientific

2016427 · The optical permittivity (ε 1 + iε 2) of the plasmonic d 10-metal Au, Ag and Cu alloy system was determined for the first time by means of a systematic experimental investigation over a large ...

: Yoshikazu Hashimoto, Gediminas Seniutinas, Armandas Balčytis, Saulius Juodkazis, Yoshiaki Nishijima

Oxidation of nanoscale Au–In alloy particles as a possible

2013610 · Bimetallic Au–In alloy nanoparticles were formed by sequential room temperature evaporation of controlled amounts of In and Au on SiO 2 and amorphous carbon membranes supported on standard TEM grids as well as Ge(111) substrates. Pure In nanoparticles for control experiments were formed by evaporation of In under identical


Novel Au-Based Solder Alloys: A Potential Answer for