alsi9mg aluminium laos

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AlSi9Mg aluminum alloy semi-solid slurry preparation by

201511 · AlSi9Mg aluminum alloy was used as a raw material to fabricate the semi-solid slurry by IFEMOP in this study. This hypoeutectic aluminum–silicon alloy is

: Qi Zhang, Miao Cao, Jin Cai

Mechanical Properties of AlSi9Mg Alloy with a

201511 · Large crystallites are good planes of division, and they reduce the mechanical properties of alloys. In this study, the Al-9% Si


Chemical composition of AlSi9Mg alloy | Download Table

Tests were conducted on casting aluminium alloy AlSi9Mg. Application of FSP process resulted in a decrease in the porosity in the modified material and microstructure refining.