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Grain Refinement and Thermal Stability of 2219 Aluminum

20201117 · Because of its high specific strength and fracture toughness, excellent low- and high-temperature mechanical properties, and good stress corrosion resistance

: Xianchang Mao, Youping Yi, Shiquan Huang, Wanfu Guo, Hailin He

Aluminium Alloy 2219 | Aircraft Materials

202313 · Technical Data Sheet. Aluminium Alloy 2219 is a high strength alloy which combines good machinability and good mechanical properties. 2219 is useful over a


2219 Aluminum Sheet & Plate AMS QQ-A-250/30 at Flight M…2219-T6 Aluminum :: •

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2219 Aluminum is a precipitation/age hardening alloy with excellent strength and mechanical properties. This copper-containing alloy features extreme toughness and excellent stress


Aluminium Alloy 2219 | Aircraft Materials2219 (AlCu6Mn, A92219) Aluminum :: •

Aluminum 2219 - Continental Steel and Tube Company

201639 · It is well-known for its excellent structural strength and it’s used for numerous high temperature applications. It is a suitable alloy for many metalworking


Aluminium / Aluminum 2219 Alloy (UNS A92219)