620 high-strength and high-conductivity copper alloy welding wheel

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High strength and high conductivity Cu alloys: A review

20201112 · High strength and high conductivity (HSHC) Cu alloys are widely used in many fields, such as high-speed electric railway contact wires and integrated circuit lead

: HuiYa Yang, ZiChao Ma, ChenHui Lei, Liang Meng, YouTong Fang, JiaBin Liu, HongTao Wang

A high strength and high conductivity copper alloy

2003630 · Therefore in this study a Cu–Cr alloy with Zr and Mg additions was spray formed to achieve high strength and high electrical conductivity. 2. Experimental

: Zhenyu Li, Jun Shen, Fuyang Cao, Qingchun Li

Study on high-strength and high-conductivity Cu–Fe–P

2006415 · A new high-strength and high-conductivity Cu–Fe–P–B–Ce alloy strengthened by cold working and aging was designed. The mechanical properties and

: De-Ping Lu, De-Ping Lu, Jun Wang, Wei-Jun Zeng, Yong Liu, Lei Lu, Bao-De Sun

HRSC (High strength, high conductivity and

2022107 · HRSC is a heat-resistance copper alloy .And it has high erectric conductivity (equal to Phosphorus deoxidized copper‐C1220) and strength (par with brass‐C2600 and Phosphor bronze‐C5191) . Main


Innovations in Copper: Electrical and Metallurgy of