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Conversion Table Of Grades For Copper&ITS Alloys

2013923 · CONVERSION TABLE OF GRADES FOR COPPER & ITS ALLOYS China America United ... Sort GB ASTM CDA BS DIN Digital System JIS Copper T2 C11000


CONVERSION TABLE OF GRADES FOR COPPER & ITS A…Cross Specifications for Copper & Copper AlloysCopper alloy grades reference for China and other countriesCopper Grade Comparison Of Different Standands | LKALLOYDifferent Grades of Copper - Belmont Metals•

2022106 · :. C3604(JIS),GBH59-3 () .

TSO TSOS- ·  · SP ·  BOB

Copper and brass grades: cross-reference of designation

202063 · The table cross-references the most widespread copper and brass grades in accordance with DIN, EN, BS, JIS, ASTM, CDA and more. Xometry Europe · Jun 3,