400 tin-zinc-lead bronze rod

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Copper Tin Brass Zinc Rod, Copper Zinc And Tin Lead

Tin Zinc Lead Bronze Rod has strong wear resistance and is often used in the manufacture of valves, water pipes, etc. Contact JINTIAN to get the price!


C92200 Leaded Tin Bronze | Non-Ferrous Metal Specialists

C92200 Leaded Tin Bronze. C92200 Tin Bronze, also known as Navy M bronze and SAE 622, is a copper base that is alloyed with lead, zinc and tin. C922offers good corrosion


What Is Tin Bronze? - MetalTek

20201123 · MTEK Navy G 1% Lead / C92300 (87% Copper, 8% Tin, 4% Zinc, 1% Lead) ... 1% Lead) MTEK Leaded Tin Bronze / C92700 (87% Copper, 10% Tin, 2% Led,


High-Leaded Tin Bronze Alloys – Concast Metals

High-Leaded Tin Bronze Alloys. The lead content in these alloys is between 7 percent and 30 percent. High-leaded tin bronzes are free cutting and retain favorable thermal


QSn6.5-0.4 Tin Bronze Rod - Alloy Wiki