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Mold Process. CUBERYLLIUM ®-beryllium copper mainly focuses on the various working conditions used in non-ferrous metal low-pressure, gravity casting molds.Through in-depth research on the failure causes of beryllium bronze mold materials, the internal

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Moldmax HH eng 1409e5 - Uddeholm Global

2019328 · Moldmax HH is a high-strength beryllium copper mould alloy, made by Materion Brush Performance Alloys, for plastics moulding ... N/mm2 131 100 124 100

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Our beryllium products include: Beryllium metals for nuclear, space and defense applications. Truextent acoustic beryllium foil for superior speaker domes and cones. Truextent BeX diaphragm assemblies for use in


MoldMAX® Alloys for Plastic Injection and Blow Molding