uz23a4 dezincification resistant copper rod

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NFL 14-708 CuZn23Al4 (UZ23A4)| Manganese Bronze

A complex Copper Zinc alloy commonly known as Manganese Bronze with additions of manganese, aluminium and iron to improve the tensile strength and corrosion resistance.


MANGANESE BRONZE and SPECIAL BRASS CuZn23Al4cuzn23al4 - euralliageNFL 14-708 CuZn23Al4 (UZ23A4)| Manganese Bronze - Cop…CuZn23Al4 - Delat MetalNFL 14-707 CuZn19AL6 (UZ19A6) | Manganese Bronze - C…• [PDF]

Dezincification of Brass 2 col v2 - Copper

2023213 · In general, the all-alpha alloys exhibit resistance to dezincification regardless of the alloying additions; alloys containing small quantities of well dispersed

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Dezincification: Breaking the 15-Percent Zinc Wall - MCAA