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BRASS RODS AND BARS, NAVAL 60.5Cu - 38.7Zn - 0.8Sn

BRASS RODS AND BARS, NAVAL 60.5Cu - 38.7Zn - 0.8Sn (CA464) Hard Temper AMS4612E This specification covers one type of brass in the form of rods and bars.


C46400 / CDA 464 Naval Brass Products | Atlas Bronze

C46400 is one of the top choices for industrial and marine atmosphere applications. This is due to it's high corrosion resistance to seawater. C46400 Naval Brass has fair to

Does naval brass rust?No, naval brass does not rust. It is a strong alloy that is resistant to corrosion. This is why it makes such a great option for those applications...What grade of commercial quality is naval brass?While the composition may vary slightly, naval brass is a copper alloy usually composed of 59% copper, 40% zinc, and 1% tin. It also has a trace am...What is dezincification?As brass corrodes, it can target zinc which puts it through a dezincification process. What this means is that zinc is removed from the metal and c...Can naval brass be welded?Naval brass can be welded, yes. But unlike some other metals, it can be difficult to do, thanks to its high zinc to copper ratio. Keep in mind that...What if I have questions about naval brass?If you have questions about naval brass, our knowledge staff at Atlas Bronze is here for you. We can help you find exactly what you need for your a...

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